Recycling Today For A Better World Tomorrow                                                        


Who we are!  What we do!

Suncoast Textile Recycling provides services to the entire state of Florida and Georgia.  With multiple established routes, eight trucks, a tractor trailer and over 30 employees we are building the recycling business every day.

Suncoast Textile Recycling has been forming partnerships with non-profit organizations turning clothing, shoes, belts, purses, linens and cell phones into funding opportunities. 

Area organizations that have benefited are local schools, churches, law enforcement and social service agencies.

Donations are a major part of any non-profit organization.  There are times when the generosity of our community is overwhelming in its abundance of donated goods especially clothing.  Suncoast Textile Recycling has developed a program to help you turn the generosity of your supporters into cash that your organization can use to help fund the services you provide your clients.

Suncoast Textile Recycling brokers with our world wide partners such as West Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Haiti, Honduras and Mexico in providing their coordinating agencies the much needed clothing, shoes, and linens to help victims of natural disasters and their homeless or disadvantaged population.

Even in times of economic unease the smallest donation can bring great gains when all added together countywide.  Since our inception the generous donations from area thrift stores and the donation box program provided millions of dollars to program services and kept almost one hundred million pounds of recyclable items out of our landfills. 

Suncoast Textile Recycling appreciates the opportunity to work with your organization in helping others in need and the services and or funds our partnering with your agency/organization provides the less fortunate not only in our area but worldwide.

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